New Impeller.Net Release Offers Extended Functionality

17 November 2020

With the new release, the portal has not only been enhanced by three additional languages, but also offers a new request and quote management. Integrated directly into the portal, the function enables complete consulting at a central location. The PumpSelector thus provides a platform for efficient communication between buyer and seller in addition to the actual pump selection. 

The advantage for potential pump buyers is clear: Suitable pumps from different manufacturers can be selected according to specific selection criteria. And to ensure that the request and quotation procedure remains clear, the entire communication takes place in the customer portal. All manufacturers are contacted separately, and all consulting processes are bundled at a central point. 

The central storage of all communication processes is also a considerable advantage for manufacturers, allowing sales and management to keep track of open processes. Pricing, including discounts, can be edited directly in the portal. The quotation is generated as a PDF file and sent directly to the customer in the portal. Due to the possibility of creating different consultant accounts, sales transactions can be assigned to individual employees. 

Thanks to the additional languages - French, Italian and Spanish - a wider range of customers can be reached in the respective national language. The availability of the new languages extends across the entire portal and is included in both the PumpSelector and the Magazine sections. Articles that do not exist in the respective language are made available as machine-translated versions. As a result, advertisements, company profiles, calendar entries and vacancies can also be booked in any of the available languages. 

The Internet portal was launched at the beginning of the year. Besides the contents of the magazine, the portal focuses on the PumpSelector, which brings together buyers, manufacturers and sellers on an open platform. Via an interface, the platform directly accesses the data of the manufacturers and thus offers the users all information clearly arranged on one single website. 

Currently, the product areas of ‘Heating, air conditioning, cooling’, ‘Water supply’, ‘Drainage and sewage’ and ‘Industry’ are covered by pumps manufactured by Papantonatos (Greece), Pentair Sta-Rite (Italy), Pentair Jung Pumpen (Germany), Shakti (India), Tsurumi (Europe) (Germany), Wilo (Germany) and Zenit (Italy). Further manufacturers are to follow soon.

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