Using the Appropriate Pumps in the Soap Industry

07 January 2021

In order to maintain healthy practices, everyone is required to adhere to the AHA rules; hand washing with soap definitely plays a decisive role. In a way, customers are also encountering the work of ZEILFELDER Pumpen. 

The industry of soap and detergent production is currently strongly challenged to reliably produce enormous quantities of suitable soaps. ZEILFELDER Pumpen participates in the growing production needs by developing suitable pumping technologies. 

The basic framework of the company’s development aims to provide reliable operating technology, as well as conveying that is appropriate for the product, in order to avoid production downtimes. The main challenge is to consider the corrosive nature and non-lubricating properties of the medium in order to be able to guarantee the required operating times. 

Furthermore, soaps are usually pumped at high temperatures, which represents an additional challenge for the sealing technology and the design of the pumps. The soap is usually not allowed to cool down inside the pump, which is why a heating jacket is required in many cases.

ZEILFELDER has already developed suitable pump solutions for many well-known plant manufacturers. Our ZEILFLEDER pumps are in frequent use all over the world. ZEILFELDER relies on arrow-toothed gear pumps with large nominal connection diameters (up to DN 300 effective inner diameter).

Courtesy of ZEILFELDER Pumpen.