Sundyne Provides Pumps to Support Vaccine Efforts

19 March 2021

Sundyne announced that its ANSIMAG pumps have been widely deployed in pharmaceutical-grade freeze drier applications used by several companies for vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines. Freeze drier applications play a critical role in the storage and transportation of vaccines. Pharmaceutical freeze drying is a standard process used to stabilize vaccines and other biologicals, and it’s also used to increase shelf life. Pumps are used to deliver various cooling mediums to lower product temperatures below freezing, and high-pressure vacuum technology extracts water, to preserve pharmaceutical products for storage and transport. 

For many years, Sundyne’s sealless ANSIMAG pumps have played an important role in pharmaceutical-grade freeze drier applications, due to the following differentiators: 

1. Reliability – ANSIMAG’s parts are molded ETFE components that are specifically designed to handle a wide range of chemicals and solvents with temperatures as low as -20°F (-30°C) without issue.

2. Durability – ANSIMAG’s fully encapsulated Magnetic Drive hermetically seals the inner magnets to isolate them from the process fluid and maintain unprecedented magnet integrity.

3. Simple Maintenance – with no seals and no seal support systems, ANSIMAG pumps offer much longer MTBM intervals, which significantly reduces maintenance.

4. Energy Efficiency – ANSIMAG pumps are more energy-efficient than mechanically sealed pumps. 

Courtesy of Sundyne.