Ebara Launches the EVMS-K Pump

01 April 2021

Ebara Pumps Europe S.p.A. (EPE) recently launched its latest model, the EVMS-K pump, primarily for European industrial markets. 

The EVMS-K pump integrates the company’s model EVMS pump with the model E-SPD inverter, which are both existing EPE products. With the integrated inverter, the pump can save energy in terms of the motor, it can be driven more efficiently, and wiring and installation works are simplified. 

The introduction of the EVMS-K meets the Ebara Group’s medium-term management plan called the E-Plan 2022, which aims to strengthen the development of energy efficient, lighter, miniaturized, and smarter products and systems as part of the company’s strategy. 

The Ebara Group’s future plans will focus on product development and will continue to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by responding to the local needs of each country through its products and services.

Image credit: Ebara