SEEPEX Pump Technology to Unlock the Power of Digital

08 April 2021

At the virtual Water Equipment Show on May 12th and 13th, 2021), global leader in design, manufacture and applications of progressive cavity (PC) pumps, SEEPEX, will showcase their latest innovations. 

With the advent of Water 4.0, SEEPEX has positioned themselves at the forefront of the digital revolution, driving digital transformation in pump technology by incorporating smart features into their products and digital solutions into their portfolio that optimise uptime and reduce TOTEX. 

SEEPEX digital innovations incorporating the Pump Monitor turn the pump into an intelligent field device providing important information on the pump’s operating condition, enabling the implementation of predictive and forward planned maintenance. 

SCT AutoAdjust, the company’s latest innovation, coupled with SEEPEX Connected Services, is one of the most intelligent PC pumps in the world. It allows remote automated adjustment to maintain pump performance without onsite manual intervention. 

SEEPEX continues to extend its world class portfolio of maintain-in-place technologies for liquid and high % DS pumping handling up to 300m3/h and 48bar. Rotor, stator and drive train components can be easily replaced, simplifying customer’s maintenance. 

Courtesy of SEEPEX.