South of France Orders Two Abel HMQ Pumps

15 April 2021

Abel will soon supply two Hydraulic Membrane Quadruplex (HMQ) pumps to a city in the South of France. The HMQ pumps will convey wastewater from a pumping station to a wastewater treatment plant 6 km away. The two pumps will replace the existing, out-of-date pumps. 

HMQ pumps are quadruple-acting piston diaphragm pumps that are used in high conveying ranges of up to 450 m3/h. They are used in the wastewater industry for sludge transport, or as a feeding pump for filter press loading. They can also be used in mining applications. 

Abel will also support the customer with its new Smart Pump Assistant remote monitoring system, to ensure possible pump malfunctions can be avoided. 

Image credit: Abel