Be Monsoon Ready: KBL Flood-Control Autoprime Pump Unit

07 June 2021

The Autoprime pump sets of Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) are among the most preferred and ideal solutions for prompt dewatering or flood-control or wastewater management. This high-capacity, mobile flood-control and inland water-management unit is vastly used for dewatering the flood-affected areas in India and abroad during flood-like situations in monsoons. 

Water logging in cities, towns and many other areas, during monsoon is a grave concern as it not only affects business operations, resulting into economic loss, but also brings public movement to a stand-still and sometimes even results into loss of life. KBL’s dedicated Autoprime pump set can be critically helpful in duly combating such flood-like situations as it facilitates quick dewatering of the water logged areas. 

The Autoprime pump set comes with an easy to operate plug-and-play for quick start-up and requires no manual intervention during priming. It is a light-weight, portable, trolley-mounted product that can be mobilised easily to the affected area without any hassles. Autoprime is mainly used for dewatering, over-pumping, sewer bypasses, industrial and municipal pumping applications.

Autoprime pump sets are unique in nature as these are the largest-ever portable pump sets developed and supplied by KBL for flood control and drainage application in the Indian subcontinent. The pump set comes as a complete package, including a pump, prime over which could be an engine or electric motor, Autoprime unit, suction and discharge pipe and other necessary components. Its waterproof and acoustic canopy design and rugged construction ensures longer life with minimum maintenance, thus facilitating hassle-free operation of the pump set for many years. 

Courtesy of Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL).