Join the Last Pump Systems Optimization Course of 2021

02 September 2021

Pumping systems account for a significant portion of a facility’s energy use and maintenance costs in many industries. The goal of the course is to understand how to identify, minimize and reduce expenses by educating you on the variables that influence the performance of a pump system. 

Key learning objectives of the course are: 

 - Learn proven engineering methods that improve pump system efficiency, reduce energy and operating costs, and increase system reliability in your facilities.

 - Gain knowledge on pump system optimization and specific engineering improvement opportunities including: benefits of pump system optimization, understanding the interaction of a pump with a pumping system, pumping system fundamentals and energy consumption, varying flows in pumping systems, learn pre-screening pumping system assessment techniques, pump system assessment, options for optimization, life cycle cost analysis, and case studies.

Courtesy of the Hydraulic Institute.