Pfeiffer Vacuum Launches New HiScroll ATEX Scroll Pump

06 September 2021

The new pumps in the Pfeiffer Vacuum HiScroll ATEX range meet the requirements of the European directive 2014/34/EU and are marked according to ATEX II 3/-G Ex h IIC T4 Gc X +5° C ≤ Ta ≤ +40° C. This identifies the HiScroll ATEX as suitable for pumping potentially explosive gas mixtures. Depending on the operational requirements, the ATEX directives are subdivided into different categories based on the conditions under which the pumps are allowed to operate. 

Pfeiffer Vacuum scroll pumps offer high pumping speeds during pump-down, even at atmospheric pressure. The completely dry and hermetically sealed vacuum pumps achieve a nominal pumping speed of 6 m3/h to 20 m3/h. They are characterized by their compact design and extremely quiet, low-vibration operation (less than 47 dB[A], in stand-by mode less than 42 dB[A]). They have a high water vapor tolerance, and condensation in the vacuum pump is therefore prevented from the start. The integrated two-stage gas ballast valve allows individual adjustments to be made to the process requirements. 

The pumps can be easily connected to other Pfeiffer Vacuum products, such as turbopumps, via RS-485, EtherCat or ProfiNet and can be operated with a higher-level controller or a PC. The intelligent interface enables use of the RPM regulator or the innovative stand-by mode, which allows the pump to be optimally adjusted and operated for the application. At the same time, this minimizes pump wear and extends maintenance intervals. 

The powerful yet efficient drive is characterized by a 15% higher efficiency compared to conventional drives. This enables maximum performance at low temperatures and easier and more cost-effective cooling. 

Image credit: Pfeiffer Vacuum