KBL Receives Patent for Pump Arrangements

10 December 2021

The patent received by the company is pertinent to its NS type of Submersible Pumps. The new development will enable the company to offer NS pumps with much better efficiency and result in faster pumping of contaminated effluents, sewage water and Industrial wastewater. Due to reduced weight, maintenance and handling of the pump would be more user friendly. It also reduces the load on the foundation owing to lower weight. 

NS submersible pumps are used for sewage, dewatering and seepage applications. The impellers of these pumps are of the non-clog type, which allows smooth passage of solids and caters to a wide range of applications. The new patent reaffirms the company’s commitment to offering more value to its customers and highlights a continuous focus on Research and Development to bring new and advanced products into the market.

Courtesy of Kirloskar Brothers Limited.