GE Power Conversion Joins Forces with Ruhrpumpen

04 May 2022

GE Power Conversion is proud to announce the supply of 19 electrical motors to power water-cooling tower pumps manufactured by leading pump company, Ruhrpumpen. The motors – part of GE’s optimized C7 Series MV Induction Motors – will support the build of a large refinery located in Dos Bocas, Mexico.

The refinery is slated to become the biggest refinery in Mexico, anticipated to produce approximately 340,000 barrels per day. Construction of the refinery started in June 2019, and the facility is set to commence commercial operation in late 2022. It will play a key role in Mexico’s National Refining Plan in efforts to become more energy self-sufficient.

The innovative electro-mechanical design of GE’s C7 Series Induction Motors promotes high efficiency to support energy savings and low noise levels to help reduce environmental impact. With increased power density and state of the art manufacturing, the C7 Motors are optimized to support a refinery of such a large caliber.  

“We’re excited to be a part of this momentous initiative and see our equipment play a role in supporting an entire country as it works towards achieving energy self-sufficiency. It’s been a pleasure to partner with Ruhrpumpen on this project and to continue delivering high-quality technology and more reliable and sustainable electrical solutions for industrial applications”, comments Gagan Sood, GE Power Conversion Americas CEO.

Courtesy of GE.