SCG Process' Corrosion Resistant Non-Metallic Pumps

14 June 2022

Munsch pumps feature innovative thick-walled plastic casings and durable non-metallic mechanical seals to ensure resistance to chemical corrosion. The pumps are ideal for pumping corrosive fluids, including acids, alkalis, chemically contaminated fluids, and scrubbing liquids. They are in use in metal-finishing industries, mineral-processing sites, smelting facilities, chemical production, and general industrial sites throughout Canada due to their robust construction, energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, and low lifecycle costs.

“Munsch is a global leader in the manufacturing of non-metallic pumps, and we are pleased to add their products to our portfolio," said James Davis, vice president of Sales and Marketing at SCG Process. “We have built a leading portfolio of OEM pump solutions in Canada, and the addition of Munsch products helps ensure that our customers have access to the best products for their fluid processing challenges.”

Germany’s Munsch has been designing, manufacturing, and servicing non-metallic pumps for more than 55 years and has established a global installation base.

Courtesy of SCG Process.