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New Generation of Process Pumps

New global industry standards are emerging to describe the requirements for heavy-duty centrifugal pumps as used in refineries and process plants around the world. Being a global pump company and using state-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques, Sulzer Pumps was able to release the next generation of process pumps simultaneously for sale (and installation) in all regions of the globe in 2002.

Process pumps used in refineries and chemical plants routinely handle hazardous fluids that are flammable, toxic and corrosive at high pressures and extremes of temperature. They are subjected to continual operation in these aggressive conditions and are not expected to fail. Three years of continuous operation and a design life of twenty years are mandated.

Global Expertise, Local Input

With industry consolidation as the catalyst, Sulzer Pumps has taken technical and manufacturing expertise from all regions of the world and combined this into one centrally co-ordinated project team effort. The team was able to consolidate the best features of several successful and proven existing products into one comprehensive overhung process pump product range.
The result is the widest customer choice on the market, designed and manufactured to the latest technologies. All commonly specified performances, features and options have been consolidated into a product range of 72 frame sizes, including two entirely different configurations: OHH and OHM (see table).

Process Pump Type OHH

type OHH overhung process pumpThe type OHH overhung process pump (Fig. 1) includes the latest in mechanical seal technology and is used in heavy-duty refinery services, petrochemical plants, gas processing, coal processing and offshore services. It is a horizontal, single-stage, radial-split, centerline-mounted heavy-duty process pump, designed and manufactured in full compliance with the requirements of the forthcoming API Standard 610, 9th edition. The mechanical seals and auxiliaries supplied are in full compliance with the requirements of the forthcoming API Standard 682, 2nd edition. The fluids pumped include water, gasoline, light hydrocarbons (propane, etc.), and crude oil fractionator bottoms.
A wide performance rangeThe customer benefits from the robust construction, the versatility in application, and the long reliable service life. A wide performance range (Fig. 2) provides for an optimized hydraulic fit for all operating points within the preferred operating range, thus ensuring operation within close proximity to the best-efficiency point.

Type OHM: With Magnetic Drive

type OHM overhung process pumpThe type OHM overhung process pump includes the latest in sealless pump technology. It is a horizontal, single-stage, radial-split, centerline-mounted pump with a high-efficiency magnetic coupling. It is a hermetically sealed system, including a secondary containment with a dry running safety seal. The bearings are product-lubricated. Due to the modular system, some elements are interchangeable with the type OHH range. The pump is fully compliant with API 610, 9th edition, and API 685.
OHM pumps are driven through a magnetic coupling, thus eliminating the need for a mechanical seal and the associated maintenance. The pumps are employed wherever environmentally sensitive or hazardous liquids – such as acids, solvents, hydrocarbons or other aggressive, explosive, toxic or valuable fluids – must be pumped without any risk of leakage. The only monitoring equipment needed is for temperature, pressure, leakage and vibration.

OHM (with magnetic drive)
Pump size
DN 25 to 400 mm
DN 25 to 200 mm
up to 2250 m3/h
up to 600 m3/h
up to 300 m
Operating pressure
up to 55 bar
Operating temperature
–40 °C to +460 °C
–40 °C to +250 °C
Driver input
up to 1000 kW
up to 250 kW


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