A moment with: Ernesto Primera, Pump Summit Americas 2018 Steering Committee Member

Pump Engineer is pleased to present a discussion with Ernesto Primera, Senior Machinery Reliability Engineer at Chevron. Ernesto is an invaluable member of the Pump Summit Americas 2018 Steering Committee and he has a wealth of experience in the oil & gas industry in North and South America.

Ernesto was eager to discuss the significant impact that the Pump Summit Americas Conference has on the pump industry, paying particular attention to the connections made and knowledge gained from attending this unique event.

With over 19 years of experience with rotating machinery, condition monitoring, performance analysis and reliability evaluations, Ernesto is a veteran in the pump industry. He is not only involved with Pump Summit Americas, taking place on June 26th-27th, 2018 in Houston, Texas, but he is also a Global Instructor for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and a partner and instructor for the Hydraulic Institute. Ernesto is also a member of ASME, The Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SRMP) and the Vibration Institute. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Maintenance Engineering and a Master’s degree in Predictive Maintenance & Diagnostics Technique, and is currently part of the Chevron Machinery Engineering Team at the Pascagoula Refinery in Mississippi.

Q: What is the importance of being involved in the Pump Summit Americas Conference?
Ernesto: Pump Summit Americas is not an event, it is an experience. It is about sharing and exchanging ideas about pump systems with leaders and global experts. To be a part of a team with different perspectives, but with the same focus, and to develop activities that generate wonderful experiences for its participants is truly an honor.

Q: Have you been involved with the conference in the past?
Ernesto: I attended the event in 2016 and because of that I have developed an impressive network of professionals that I continue to remain in contact with. This has proven to be extremely beneficial for me; exchanging experiences and ideas in different industries in different parts of the world.

Q: What do you hope the conference will offer to delegates?
Ernesto: The most important thing about this conference is sharing experiences. Applications of best practices, lessons learned from the industry, technological advances and more will all be explored, exemplifying the high quality of workshop topics and speakers. It is an excellent opportunity for delegates to share knowledge and to learn about new productive processes. To be able to implement these new practices in their installations at a later stage, with the objective of increasing cost effectiveness and efficiency, is invaluable.

Q: How does the participation of an industry-leading Steering Committee help shape the conference?
Ernesto: The industry-leading Pump Summit Americas 2018 Steering Committee is a testament to the high quality material that will be presented at the conference. Having committee members from different industry sectors will bring a diversity to the conference. Hearing multiple ideas from different industrial sources and hearing different perspectives, from end users to OEMs, will make the conference broad yet focused.

Q: What topics are you particularly interested in bringing to the table and how do they serve the industry?
Ernesto: I would like to draw attention to topics that are focused on technological advances for evaluation, diagnostics and forecasting of condition, performance and reliability. The rising use of wireless devices, big data and cognitive analysis in all industrial sectors means that this is a new and exciting area that must be explored. While this is steering away from the traditional, it is certainly a topic that would complement the practical experiences that will be brought forth during the conference.

Q: Will you be presenting at the conference?
Ernesto: I’m preparing a presentation about Full-Scale Diagnostic/Prognostics of Pumps.

Q: What kind of networking opportunities do you foresee arising from the conference?
Ernesto: Networking is one of the biggest advantages of attending this event. The importance of interacting with more than one thousand professionals, such as global technical authorities, end users, OEMs and institutions such as API, the Hydraulic Institute and FSA, is immeasurable. One should go prepared for an intense and beneficial experience of professional exchange.

Q: What is the importance of bringing young professionals into these types of conferences?
Ernesto: This event creates the opportunity to observe and learn more about the state and advances of the industry as it really is. For young engineers, this is the perfect opportunity to be able to discover more about pumps and pumping systems. As professionals and laborers of research and development, they will get an insight into the present and future advancements in the industry.

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