Sealless pumps

Think Twice – Think Sealless

Managing and improving existing plants is essential to maximising process efficiency and productivity. In addition, building in flexibility is important in today’s fast-changing business environment. Fundamental to the fluid handling process are pumps. They are a key component, with the latest developments offering a way to cut costs and to build in more ‘lean’ processes. For specific applications magnetic drive sealless pumps offer a number of cost savings and safety benefits to optimise fluid.
By Darren Martin, Global Product Line Manager, HMD Kontro Sealless Pumps

Enhanced Safety

According to a report by the UK Health and Safety Executive, mechanical seals are widely regarded as the weakest point in any mechanical system using them. A magnetic drive sealless pump provides total liquid containment, eliminating potentially dangerous and costly leaks from the outset. This ensures the integrity of the pumping system, even at high temperatures and pressures, protecting and extending equipment as well as component life.

Smoother Upgrade Path

Sealless pumps are not a new option, yet many specifiers remain unaware of how the technology works and the benefits available. Over the years, magnetic drive sealless pumps have been updated and adapted to conform to changing ASME and ISO standards to accommodate new applications. However, the increase in options has led to the proliferation of a range of highly customized and non-standardized products. While desirable in
some respects, this situation has the potential to reduce parts interchangeability and restrict upgrade choices, resulting in additional costs and/or delivery times.

The latest systems seek to address these issues. HMD Kontro, for example, has developed a CSA/CSI range of pumps which are based on a completely new approach. A new modular design has simplified the systems designs, streamlining the selection process, and standardising the range.

Thanks to the complete containment of liquids, sealless pumps are suitable for most liquid types. This includes a wide range of more complex fluids which are volatile, hazardous, toxic or corrosive, as well as for liquid transfer under pressure. Having a range of hydraulic sizes simplifies upgrade processes while covering the requirements of a wide duty and application base for chemical, pharmaceutical,fine chemical, agrichemical, and oil and gas applications, among others.

Cutting the Cost of Implementation

Initial upfront purchase and installation costs can be a barrier to modernization and replacement programs. Magnetic drive sealless pumps help reduce the financial outlay, allowing existing pumps to be upgraded when improving plants and enabling faster design times with a quicker implementation. With no need for seal support systems and reduced instrument wiring and configuration requirements, lead times are substantially reduced and project build costs minimized. Associated system costs in the form of utility installations and water – or air – cooling systems can also be bypassed; this can include many of the Hazop studies.